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Shaping and tinting take not only your brows but your overall look to the next level! Homayra is an eyebrow specialist  who understands the necessity of framing the brow for your individual face shape. At NYPRO Spa,  your brows will be shaped to their ideal, whether they be sparse, overgrown, unruly, or even undefined! Brow pencils, gel, and highlighters are also available for those looking to maintain their brow look at home. 

Eyebrow Tinting 


Tinting is for those looking to better define and/or darken brows which are fair or in need of some extra oomph. Tinting is a semipermanent dyeing technique and is recommended to pair along with our lash tinting service.  

Lash Tinting 


Tinting is a semipermanent dyeing technique meant to darken and improve the appearance of lashes for those with fair hair and/or skin tone. This treatment allows you to go without mascara and promises a polished look. 

Eyebrow Shaping


Shaping is achieved by expert tweezer work to better define your brow shape, making your brows appear cleaner and fuller. Shaping is concluded by filling-in your brow via gel or pencil. 

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